Jhenaidah Tourist Spots

A lesser renowned region in Bangladesh for tourism is Jhenaidah district. The district is mainly famous for its Cadet College and Hindu temples and also boasts some of the oldest Muslim architectures in the country. Being part of the Khulna division, this district is geographically bordered to the north by Kushtia, Jessore and West Bengal to the southern side, to the eastern side Rajbari and Magura and Chuadanga and West Bengal to the western side. During British rule, it was also considered a very important strategic location by the British, but until 1984 it couldn’t receive the distinction of being a district.

Situating one of the commercially lesser developed regions in Bangladesh the only means of reaching Jhenaidah directly is by road. There is no railway or water transportation available. By road, the distance from Jhenaidah to Dhaka is 210 km. There are no airports in Jhenaidah but one can travel from Dhaka to Jessore by air and from their travel to Jhenaidah by road. In this way the road distance from Jessore to Jhenaidah is 45 km. There are both A/C and non A/C coaches available for traveling to Jhenaidah. Most transport operators offer multiple coaches at different times of the day, with the average ticket price for a person coming to BDT 450. Most popular transport operators are JR Paribahan, SB Paribahan, and Purbasha Paribahan. The roads are generally all right most of the time of the year but traveling during monsoon is discouraged as the roads become very muddy and slippery.

Food, Transportation & Accommodation
As like other districts, Rickshaw and Auto rickshaws are also highly available in Jhenaidah sadar and the fare is lower than most of the districts in Bangladesh.
The place won’t be able offer you any particular food item which can set itself apart from other parts of the country. The place does have a lack of top quality restaurants but you will find the cost of living way too low than any other districts of the country.
There are quite a few decent hotels in Jhenaidah for accommodation. Some of them are listed below for reference.

Travel Destinations
Due to the lack of comfortable communication means compared to a lot of other districts tourism is not heavy in Jhenaidah. Despite that, Jhenaidah boasts a multitude of architectural spots and local scenery. Some of these locations are discussed below.

Tourist spots of Jhenaidah


Gorar Masjid

One of the oldest mosques in the region, it’s assumedly built by Hossain Shah or his son Nosrat Shah. It’s more popular among religious devotees than tourists. Superstitious people make offerings here so that their wishes are granted. How to go there? Gorar Masjid is located in Boro Bazar of Kaliganj which is 25km away from the main town. One has to catch a local bus or hire a CNG to visit.
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Noldanga Temple

Built in 1656 by Maharaj Indranarayan Roy this is a temple complex, not a single temple. Though now almost in ruins, its renovations are still done now and the. There was an idol of the goddess Kali from Benaras India. How to go there? Situated only 20km from Jhenaidah Sadar, it can be easily reached by CNG or bus. Its exact location is Harishankarpur.
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Mallickpur Banyan Tree

Earning the title of “the largest banyan tree in Asia” it’s one the more renowned tourist spots in Jhenaidah. Located in Suitalla, Mallickpur the tree still stands today. How to go there? The location is 25km from Jhenaidah Sadar, so one needs to hire a van or a rickshaw to visit the location.
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Lalon Shah’s House

Resident to the celebrated Bangla folk singer Lalon Shah, this is a local favorite as and often visited by tourists. It’s in a remote location of Harishpur which is a bit far. How to go there? The route to this location is a bit complex. One has to reach Harishpur village after crossing Satt Bridge. Bus journey up to Satt Bridge is recommended, from there on either rickshaw or van.
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Miar Dalan

One of the more iconic spots in the city, Miar Dalan is a popular place among locals. Being located in the city, local residents go to visit this place. It’s located in Muraridah village. How to go there? Located just 3km away from the heart of Jhenaidah sadar, it’s located in Muraridaha. It’s an easy place to reach via rickshaw or CNG.
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Shiraj Shai’s Mazar

Patron and mentor to the famous Lalon Shah, Shiraj Shai is a popular folk figure in Jhenaidah. After his death, his followers turned his grave into a shrine. Musicians all over Bangladesh come here to pay their respects to the legend. How to go there? The route to this location is a bit complex. One has to reach Harishpur village after crossing Satt Bridge. Bus journey up to Satt Bridge is recommended, from there on either rickshaw or van.
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Golam Mustafa’s House

One of the most renowned poets of Bangla literature is Gulam Mustafa. Jhenaidah being his birthplace his residence is also situated here. It’s a bit far off from Jhenaidah Sadar being located in the village of Monoharpur. How to go there? One has to go Shailokupa from jhenaidah Sadar either by bus or by CNG. From Shailokupa one can hire a rickshaw to Monohorpur.
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