Jhalokathi Tourist Spots

In the tourism industry, Jhalokathi is one of the lesser known areas of Bangladesh. Rather than natural beauty, this region is actually more renowned for its architectural abundance and riverine beauty. Part of Barisal, Jhalokathi is geographically bound by Barguna to the southern side; to the western side by Pirojpur district and by Barisal district to the north and the east. The name of the region is rooted in the word ‘Jhalopara’ which means ‘fisherman locale’. Previously known as Moharganj, Jhalokathi was once known as the ‘second Calcutta’ due to the presence of foreign businessmen in the past. It’s also the birthplace of some of most famous Bengali personalities.

Being part of Barisal district the communications network here is quite stable, but far from best. Both water and road transportation is available for traveling to Jhalokathi. By road, the distance from Dhaka to Jhalokathi is 278.5 km by highway and 262 km by water route. All major transport operators like SA Paribahan, Hanif Paribahan, Shohag Parbihan, Ena etc provide regular transportation from Dhaka to Jhalokathi on a daily basis. Bus fare from Dhaka to Jhalokathi ranges from Bdt. 400 to Bdt. 550. For traveling, by water route one can avail a launch or steamer from Sadarghat Launch Terminal to go to Jhalokathi. The price of cabin fare varies from Bdt. 900 to Bdt. 1700 and Bdt. 650 to Bdt. 1900 between launch and steamer respectively. Due to the presence of a strong river network, Jhalokathi is linked with most river transportation routes of the country.

Food, Transportation & Accommodation
Jhalokathi doesn’t have any particular food items that might set it apart. There are some restaurants in the city but not that great. Traveling within the city is no trouble. The ample number of rickshaws, auto rickshaws and CNGs are available. Cost is also not high.

Travel Destinations
As mentioned before, Jhalokathi doesn’t have many mentionable places of natural beauty unlike many other parts of the Barisal district. However, it does boast the presence of some significant architectural structures as well as being the birthplace of some of the most renowned personalities in Bangladeshi history. Some of the more attractive tourist destinations of Jhalokathi are discussed below.

Tourist spots of Jhalokathi


Shiv Bari Temple

The Shiv Bari Temple is one of the largest and prominent Hindu temples in the district. All the major Hindu cultural festivals in Jhalokathi are held in here including the prominent Falguni Chaturdashi puja. One of the best aspects of this temple and its followers is that none of them are biased religiously. As a result, people of other religions are also welcome to take part in their festivities. This makes it for tourist to visit this place. How to go there? The way to travel to this location is a bit complicated. One has to take a CNG to the Jhalokathi boat landing first. From there a boat can be hired to cross the river. After crossing the river one can avail a tempo or rickshaw to reach Shivbari village and visit the temple.
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Shrine Of Chan Chishti

Alhajj Lehaj Chan Chishti is one of the most famous modern religious personalities in Jhalokathi. He is most famous as a religious teacher. He traveled in different parts of the country to preach religion to people. This shrine was built in honor of his memory. How to go there? To travel this location also is a bit complicated. One has to reach the boat landing first from Jhalokathi and cross the river by hiring a trawler. After crossing the river a rickshaw can be hired to go to Chhilarish village of Koanbaria Union to visit the shrine.
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Kirtipasha Zamindar Bari

One of the more famous architectural attractions of Jhalokathi is the Kirtipasha Zamindar bari. It was built by King Kirti Narayan in the late 17th century. Being devout Hindus the original builder and his ancestors further enhanced the beauty of the zamindar bari with different statues and murals inside the bari. Still, in an intact condition, it is a beautiful place to visit. How to go there? This location is one of the easier locations to visit. One has to hire a CNG from Fire Service Mor of Jhalokathi town to directly travel to Kirtipasha village to visit the location.
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Beshnai Malliks Lake

This is a beautiful lake located in Romnathpur village of Jhalokathi. The lake is spacious and the evening view of the lake is very attractive. As a result of visitors often flock there during the evening. It was named after Beshnai Mallik a famous personality of the area. How to go there? This Lake is located in Kirtipasha village. Therefore one has to follow the instructions for reaching Kirtipasha zamindar bari to reach this location also.
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Miah Bari Masjid

Miah Bari majid is one of the few remaining post-Mughal architecture in Bangladesh. It is about 150 years old and comprised of 3 domes. It is a less traveled tourist spot of the area. How to go there? Reaching this location is comparatively easy. One has to first travel by bus from Jhalokathi town to Nobogram. After reaching Nobogram one can hire a rickshaw to visit the location.
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City Park

One of the most prettiest locations in Jhalokathi town itself is the City Park. In recent years due to proper attention by municipal authorities, this has become a very beautiful place. How to go there? One can easily travel from Jhalokathi Sadar by rickshaw to the location. It is located by the Jhalokathi stadium.
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