Jessore Tourist Spots

More popular for agriculture than tourist spots and site seeing, Jessore is less known for its appeal as a tourist destination. Long before the British even set foot in the Indian subcontinent, Jessore was the bone of contention among local rulers due to its strategic location. Geographically the district of Jhenaidah border the north side of this district, by India to the west side, to the south side Khulna and Satkhira, Narail, and Magura in the east. Jessore was established in 1781 as a district. A very interesting fact is during the 1947 partition this was the only region that was divided among India and Pakistan both.


Jessore is in close proximity to some of the busiest commercial hubs in Bangladesh. Along with being the only district in the region with an airport Jessore enjoys strong communication and transportation network. It has commercial highways to West Bengal. The distance between Dhaka and Jessore is 212.7 km which is a 6.5-7 hour ride. Most transport operators provide A/C, non A/C and deluxe coach services to Jessore. Bus fare from Dhaka to Jessore ranges from BDT 430 to BDT 1200 depending on the coach choice. Due to having an international airport, it’s very easy to fly over to Jessore, the flight being less than an hour. Air ticket fares range from BDT 3500 to BDT 4000, with Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Novo Air and US Bangla Airlines providing regular flights to Jessore. Also, the train journey is possible from Dhaka to Jessore, with ticket prices ranging from BDT 300 to BDT 1000.


The transportation cost within Jessore is highly effective because in every corner of Jessore Rickshaw and Auto rickshaws are available and also their fare is very low.
Jessore has lots of hotels due to heavy commercial activities in the region. Some of the hotels are mention below for reference.


The famous food in Jessore is “Date Molass” which mainly found in winter seasons. People from different district visit Jessore just for buying pure date molass to have it with different food items. Another famous food item is “Jamtola Sweet” which is a kind of local sweet you should not miss.

Travel Destinations

Renowned for its archeological sites, Jessore is the perfect place for students of architecture and history alike. With so many historical points of interest, it’s very easy to spend a whole day in the blink of an eye while traveling. Some of the major points of interest are discussed below.

Tourist spots of Jessore



The small village of Dhoolgram is located in Abhaynagar Upazilla of Jessore. Once a magnificent and beautiful complex consisting of 17 Hindu temples- today only one of those temples stands. The terracotta design all over the temple is very beautiful. How to go there? To reach this scenic location one has to travel to Abhaynagar from Jessore by bus. Afterward, rickshaw or CNG can be hired to travel to Dhholgram.
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Mound Of Dam Dam Pir

Though the place is called mound of Dam Dam Pir, the pir’s shrine is not the main attraction. The image of Mallinath, a saint of the ancient Jain religion was found on a terracotta plaque which is at least 1800 years old and is considered one of the most ancient relics found in Bengal. How to go there? Located in Monirampur in Jessore, one first has to travel to Rajar Hat by bus. From there it’s 7km distance to the mound. One can hire a rickshaw.
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Chanchra Rajbari

Chanchra is a small town near Jessore famous for its Rajbari (Zamindar residence). The Rajbari itself is ruined but the Lord Shiva temple adjacent to it has been repaired and that is the main tourist attraction. The other two temples Dosh Mohabid-da Temple and Jora Shiv Temple at Murali have both deteriorated condition. How to go there? Being in close proximity to Jessore town, one can easily hire a rickshaw or CNG to visit the location.
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Famous for being the birthplace of one of the most noted poets of Bengali literature Michael Madhusudan Dutta, it’s one of the major tourist attractions of Jessore. It lies on the banks of the Kopatakkha River lending a beautiful sight to the complex. Saagordaari consists of a huge garden, a small museum and a couple of houses. How to go there? There isn’t any direct route to reach this location. One has to first reach Rajar Hat by bus. From there another bus trip has to be made from Keshabpur and from there one can reach Shaagordaari with local transportation.
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Another important archeological location in the Abhaynagar Upazilla is Vaatnogor. Once a complex of 11 temples dedicated to lord Shiva, most of it now stands in ruins. Even though the central temple is partially destroyed it still stands in full glory. How to go there? To reach this scenic location one has to travel to Abhaynagar from Jessore by bus. Then a rickshaw or CNG can be hired to travel to Vaatnogor.
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Yet another important archeological site with Buddhist ruins is Manirampur. Specially Neelkuthi village at Joypur and Kachari Ghar. How to go there? One first has to travel to Rajar Hat by bus. From there local transportation can be availed to see the archeological sites.
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Shani Mosque

One of the oldest and historically significant mosques in the sub-continent is Shani mosque. Dating back to the time of the Mughal emperors, it stands as an architectural masterpiece of historical importance. How to go there? It’s located in the Village of Hamidpur in Jessore Sadar. One can hire a rickshaw or CNG to visit this location.
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