Jamalpur Tourist Spots

On the west bank of old Brahmaputra River is located the city of Jamalpur as a party of Mymensingh division, in the central-north part of the country. The city has some prominent tourist attractions but if your sole purpose is traveling around and looking at the mesmerizing beauty of nature, I would suggest not to get your hopes up

From Dhaka, Jamalpur can be reached easily by road or rail. The district is approximately 200 km away from the capital and there are no major rivers to cross in the way. There are many business services available to visit the city among which some popular services are:
• Mohanagar-5.00 am to 6.00 pm,
• Rajib Enterprise -6.30 am to 1.00 am,
• Ena Paribahan -6.30 am only,
• Rof Rof Enterprise -7.00 am to 10.00 pm.
There are many other bus services as well and as the most of them starts between 6.00 am to 10.00 pm. The rates of the services vary with the quality of services like A/c, Non A/c and Sleeping Coach and the prices vary from BDT 200 to BDT 350. Some bus companies have their own bus counters but many of them start from Mohakhali Bus Terminal.

Train is another popular method of transportation to visit Jamalpur and it starts from Kamalapur Railway Station-
• Tista Express starting from 7.20 am
• Jamuna Express starting from 4.40 pm and
• Aghnibina starting from 9.30 am.

Staying in Jamalpur would not be a problem unless you are looking for a worldclass hotel experience. The hotels are neat and well equipped with very ordinary service and rates start from BDT 300 to BDT 1000. The most popular hotels in the area are Hotel Al – Samad, Hotel Rashed, Hotel Baghdadia, Hotel Rasel, Hotel Niloy. And if any tourist seeks to stay in government provided residential facility, they can stay at the Circuit House.

Tourist spots of Jamalpur


Hazrat Shah Jamal (R) Mazar (Shrine)

The destination is very near Jamalpur Town and situated by the Brahmaputra River. The facility has recently been renovated yet even a ordinary observer can spot the traces of Medieval Islamic architecture. The place is close to the Zila Coordinators Office and also near to the Jamalpur Police Super Quarters. How to go there? You can take Easy Bikes (electrical bikes) or rickshaws from the town always to visit the place and one can always take personal transportation for going there. With a slower vehicle it journey would be highest half an hour long from the main town.
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Hazrat Shah Kamal (R) Mazar (Shrine)

Situated in the Melandoh area of Jamalpur, it is right in the middle of Durmut Bazar (Market). Visitors can enjoy the appeal of many historical artifacts and the beauty of one of the longest and largest lakes in the area. This shrine is there in the bazaar since 1400s and devotees from around the nation gather in procession to this area usually from the 1st of Bengali month Boishakh to the end of Boishakh. How to go there? There are multiple ways to go to the spot but there are direct bus services from Jamalpur Town and or travels also can use train service direct from Jamalpur Town to Durmut Bazar.
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Gandhi Ashram (Asylum)

The destination is located 15 km. from Jamalpur Town and also from Melandoh Upazilla at the Jaogara Union of the Upazilla. This place was built on the inspiration of Mahatma Gandhi and various charitable events are conducted from this place. Established in 1934, the asylum is also serving people relating various educational, physical issues and very often with many extracurricular activities. How to go there? The place is a bit far from the mail town so instead of rickshaw other faster vehicles would be best to travel there, like Easy Bikes.
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Jhinae River Starting Point

This River is a branch of the Brahmaputra River and after it is parts away, it makes its way to the Jamuna River. The starting point is in Jungledi Island of Melandoh Upazilla. The area is famous for its serene beauty of river and the views of Meghalaya Mountains of India on the other side of the border. How to go there? The spot is 10 km. from Melanda Upazilla area and can be easily reached by rickshaw or Easy (Electrical) bike. The route goes through Jalalpur Village of Nayanagar Union.
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Doyamoi Mandir (Temple)

The temple is located at the heart of Jamalpur Town and preserving the history of Hindu culture in this area. The rituals don’t seem to follow any structured routine rather it is a continuing process. A dazzling festive mode of this temple can be enjoyed during the Saraswati Puja. How to go there? Since the temple is in city, therefore local transport can be easily hired for going there. You can also walk there from the main town if you feel like it.
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Malancha Masjid (Mosque)

The mosque is located 10 km away from Jamalpur Town and in the Malancha Bazar of Melandoh Upazilla. This mosque has a multipurpose complex where there are an eye hospital, Madrasa (Islamic Studies School) and shrine. How to go there? There are direct bus and CNG (gas engine taxi) services from Jamalpur Town to the Malancha Bazar and one can also take private transportation to the visit of this mosque as well.
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Laochapra Picnic Spot

The spot is 15 km from Jamalpur Town, in the Baksiganj Upazilla. The spot is famous for its soothing green beauty and there is a watch tower to enjoy the epic greenery of the Baksiganj Upazilla. There are residential facilities available in the area if anyone wishes to stay the night. This is in the very border of Jamalpur District and we suggest going there via Sherpur District. There is also a lake inside the spot where people can go for boat ride and also there are different kitchens for the people who tend to make picnic plan inside the spot. How to go there? If you are willing go there directly from Dhaka you can use the services of Dreamland Bus, and from Jamalpur or Sherpur you need to hire a CNG to visit here.
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