Habigabj Tourist Spots

Habigabj could be the perfect place for getting rid of all those stress mounting up inside of you. The cold, moist, thirst-quenching hill-side breeze of Habiganj will embrace you with a splash of refreshing sensation the moment step into the city. The city is enriched with highly-flavored ancient Bangla history and hosted numerous battles. Habiganj is one of the oldest districts in Bangladesh tracing back its roots to the early thirteenth century. Between the 13th to 17th centuries A.D it used to be a part of Nasirabad. The city is geographically bordered by Brahmanbaria and Sunamganj in the west; to the east by Maulavibaza and the Indian state of Tripura; to the north Sunamganj and Balaganj to the north-east.

As it is one of the most important commercial locations of the country due to the booming tea trade, the communications sector in Habiganj is very well developed. Traveling length from Dhaka to Habiganj is 175.5 km by road and 100 km by train. Currently, visitors and tourists can travel by road and railway to Habiganj both directly and indirectly. Since it is connected to Bangladesh’s N7 national highway which connects it to most parts of the country; making it a common route for most transport companies. Some of the biggest transport operators like Diganto Paribahan, Agraduut Paribahan and Bismillah Paribahan provide transportation services on a daily basis. Ticket fare varies from Bdt. 200 to Bdt. 250 depending on coach choice. All the main long route bus stoppages are in Habiganj Sadar. The main metro railway station in Habiganj is Habiganj Railway Station. It operates express trains between Dhaka and Sylhet. Train fares range between Bdt-300 to bdt.500 depending on the compartment of choice. It should be mentioned that the rickshaw fare in Habiganj is higher compared to other regions of Bangladesh.

Food, Transportation & Accommodation
The city is mostly known for tea production. Other than it Habigonj will be able to offer you any signature dish of its own. There are some good fast food restaurants offering regular food items. Just like the other cities in the country rickshaw and auto rickshaw are the primary methods of transportation while traveling short distances.
Due to heavy tourist presence Habiganj has a number of good hotels. Some are mentioned below for reference.

Travel Destinations
Habiganj is particularly famous for the natural beauty of its tea gardens. Other than the sprawling tea gardens there are also a lot of beautiful places to visit. Some of the most popular tourist spots are mentioned below.

Tourist spots of Habigabj


Baniyachong Village

Baniyachong village holds the honor of being the biggest village in Asia. This used to be the only official zamindari in Sylhet during the British rule. It is located in the central part of the division and multiple districts of Sylhet and a large part of Mymensingh intersect through it. Currently, Baniyachong is area-wise the biggest village in Asia with a distinct multiregional culture due to its geographic location. One can see the ruins of the old zamindar bari in the village as well as remnants of Anwar Khans war with the Mughals. How to go there? The village is not too far from Habiganj. One can take a bus from Habiganj Sadar to Baniyachong village. It’s less than an hour’s ride. Inside the village, one can travel through rickshaw.
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Rani Dighi

Another popular tourist attraction of Habiganj is Rani Dighi also known as Shagor Dighi. This spot actually falls inside Baniachong so both places can be visited at the same time. It has a long history tracing back to the 12th century when King Poddonabh had it built as a water reservoir for his ailing subjects. It has been noted that unlike other dighis the length of Rani Dighi is more than its breadth. It is not safe to come near the dighi during monsoon as the banks get very slippery. How to go there? The traveling process to visit this location is the same as Baniyachong as they are located in the same area.
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Bablamatar Mondir

One of the most famous temples of Bangladesh Bablamator Mondir is also located in Habiganj. Thousands of local and foreign Hindu pilgrims come here every year to pay their respects. The origins of this temple can be traced back to the 11th century. How to go there? The temple is located on the outskirts of Habiganj, so it is not too difficult a location to travel to. One can easily hire a CNG from Habiganj sadar to travel to the location.
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Champaboti Mazar

Champabati mazar is one of the most popular Muslim shrines in Habiganj. It was built in honor of the memory off Gazi Kalu, a famous local Muslim pir. This spot is more popular among the locals than tourists due to the superstitious nature of the local people. How to go there? This mazar is located on the road to Baniyachong from Habiganj. Due to its close proximity, one can take a local bus or hire a rickshaw to visit this place.
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Fultoli Tila

One of the most beautiful scenic locations in Habiganj is Fultoli Tila. A few decades back this location was more beautiful. The Mari river flows by it. Currently due to the presence of a lot of industrial structures this location is very noisy. How to go there? As its name implies, the Fultoli Tila is located in Fultoli. One has to first travel by bus from Habiganj to Fultoli. From there, rickshaw or other local transports can be used to visit the location.
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Rashadpur Tea-Garden

Another popular scenic beauty of Habiganj is Rashadpur tea-garden. It is a very soothing and calm place. There are also guest facilities if one wants to spend the night over there. How to go there? Rashadpur tea garden is located in Bahubal Upazilla. One has to first take a bus from Habiganj to Bahubal. From their one can use local transports or the tea gardens transport to reach the location.
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