Gopalganj Tourist Spots

Best known for the birth and resting place of the father of nation Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the city of Gopalganj has been subject to rapid development in the last few years and there is a strong rumor going on that the district might become a division in the near future.

From a tourist’s point of view the city doesn’t have too much to offer and a half a day tour would be just fine to cover all the prime attractions.
Like most of the places in Bangladesh, this district also has a pleasant temperature. As the population density is not too high like the capital, life is peaceful here. The city is not in a coastal area and there wouldn’t be any problem if anyone decides to visit in the summer, though winter is always good for traveling for obvious reasons.

Dhaka to Gopalganj: The main obstacle to reach Gopalganj or any district in the southern part of the country is the ferry; otherwise the roads, highways and the transportation systems are great. Gopalganj can be reached via Mawa. The city is 140 KM away from Dhaka, and if your transport can get on the ferry without any delay you can reach there within 5 hours.
You can always hire a private car or take your own vehicle, but there are plenty of bus services as well. While in the city rickshaws and autos widely available and these vehicles are actually better while visiting a city of such kind, and there is no traffic jam.

Staying in Gopalgonj is not a trouble if there are no star rated hotels issues. Gopalgonj offers many residential hotels but specifically, there are no luxury hotels. Travelers might find the hotels good as they are able to provide the much-needed comfort among which the most rated hotel is Hotel Royal International, Sohag Hotel, Hotel Jimmy and some more. These hotels are in Gopalgonj Town whereas there is no accommodation system in the rural areas. The prices of the hotels start from BDT 200 to BDT 1000. But if any travelers seek to stay in government hotels and lodges, there are 2 Dak bungalows and 3 Rest House for a commoner to stay.

Tourist spots of Gopalganj


Famous Bengali Poet Jashimuddin Residence

The residence of famous poet Jashimuddin, also known as ‘Pollikobi’ is one of the prime attractions of Faridpur. How to go there? The place is just around couple of kilometers away from the bus stand and easily accessible by rickshaw or auto rickshaw. Entry fee: Only Tk 10
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Mathurapur Deul

From Modhukhali Bazar, around 1.5 Km north from Madhukhali-Rajbari road stands this 90 feet tall landmark with great historical significance and magnificent architectural beauty. The history behind this four hundred year old tower is not clear, though most of the locals believe it to be a temple. How to go there? In order to get there you need to get to Modhukhali Bazar first. You can take a bus from Faridpur to Modhukhali. After getting down at the bazaar a rickshaw can take you to the Deul.
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Pathrail Mosque

This mosque is a wonderful symbol of 14th century Islamic architecture, built by legendary Sulatan Giyashuddin Azom Shah. Please be advised, the mosque is also referred as ‘Gayebi Mosque’ by the locals so don’t get confused. How to go there? To get there first you need to go to Faridpur-Vanga highway from Faridpur. There from the Vanga Golchottor you need to go to Pulia Bazar by taking the Vanga-Mawa highway, which is around 8 Km east. From Pulia Bazar, the mosque is 4 Km away.
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Sheikh Rasel Paura Shishu Park

Near the new bus stand, at Goyalchamot located this wonderful amusement park with more than 30 rides in it. This could be a great place for the children for some awesome playful hours of joy. How to go there? Getting here is really easy as it is in the city and a rickshaw can take you there.
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River Research Institute

Not very exciting but it is an enjoyable and peaceful place for a pleasant afternoon stroll. This place is just a kilometer away from the new bus stand. It was the first ever river research institute of this country. How to go there? You can get here by a rickshaw from the bus stand.
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Birshrestha Lance Nayek Munsi Abdur Rauf Memorial

One of the seven greatest soldiers in the history of Bangladesh lies here. This place is at the Salamotpur area in the Modhukhali Upozela. First it was the war hero’s residence which was turned into a memorial later.
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Rajendro College

This collage is one of the famous and prestigious education institutes. Poet Jashimuddin studied here. Another place for a peaceful afternoon or evening stroll. How to go there? You can get here by a rickshaw from the poet’s residence.
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