Gazipur Tourist Spots

Only 30 KM away from the hectic capital located this green peaceful city which would fill your mind with the calmness that you constantly seek. If you are a resident of Dhaka city there is no doubt that you crave for some fresh air and inner peace. Gazipur can easily be your weekend getaway, offering you a great number of quality resorts and eco/safari park options at convenient distance and cost. The best thing about this city is that within the last few years there have been a great development of its communication system and a great many resorts have developed. As the competition is pretty good the standard of service has also got better.

Going to Gazipur is no trouble. There are more than plenty of bus services that would take you to Gazipur costing just 40-60 tk/person. You can even come here by train. Find the schedule of all the buses and trains to Gazipur from different areas of Dhaka here. And of course you can always come here by a private vehicle, which would be way more comfortable, not just because it is obvious, also the resorts and parks are pretty far from each other and some of them are very much in the inner part of the city. So a private car would surely help. You can move in the city by CNG, auto or rickshaw and there is no traffic jam.

Usually most people don’t stay there at night, but there are many hotels and they are really cheap. But if you are looking for a resort to spend the night there are plenty of those as well, but they are not that cheap and some are pretty costly. Cheapest hotels are Hotel Modern at Thana road, Hotel Dream Land at Konabari etc. They cost like 200-300tk/night. Most popular resorts are Nokkhotrobari, Dipali, Bhwal, Chuti, Dream Square etc.

It is not that the city is known for any iconic dish, but recently the Niribili hotel in the Kapashiya area has become quite popular for some great dishes. The food in the resorts are very costly and before actually going to stay at one of those do not forget to call first and make a reservation and while doing so we suggest you to ask them about the food and their cost.

Tourist spots of Gazipur


Bhawal Palace

Located at Joydebpur this is one of the oldest and most beautiful palace in this country. There are many interesting events related to this palace and one of the stories was even featured in a movie starring Uttom Kumar. How to go there? To get here you need to come to Shib-bari first and from there you can take a rickshaw. Entry fee: Only Tk 6/-
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Nuhash Polli

This is one of the prime attractions of the city and most of the people actually visit the city to come here. This very place bears the memory of great Bangladeshi writer Humayun Ahmed. How to go there? It is located at the Union of Pirujali and to get here you need to take the Mymensing road. This place is on the west of Hutapara. Entry fee: Tk 200/- Person
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National Park

The National Park covers a huge area. The whole place around 6500 Hector and contains 13 cottages, 6 rest houses and numerous picnic spots, though in order to spend night at the cottages special permission is required. How to go there? It is located at the Union of Pirujali and to get here you need to take the Mymensing road. This place is on the west of Hutapara. Entry fee: Tk 200/- Person
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Bhawal Resort

Bhawal Resort could be a wonderful place to spend some quiet and peaceful time in a pretty luxurious manner. Embraced by soothing rain forest this beautiful place offers you a verity of accommodation facilities. Find details here. How to go there? To get here take the Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway. From Gazipur chowrasta go to Rajendrapur chowrasta. From there head towards Pech Pir Mazar or Memberbari, from there its 2.1 KM southeast. Address of the resort is: Village: Noljahni, Union: Mirjapur, Mojja: Baroipara, P Sodor, Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Phone: +880-1871004007.
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This is another beautiful resort located at Sripur. This resort is owned by famous celebrity couple Toukir Ahmed and Bipasha Hyatt. With all the modern facilities intact the place tries to give the guests a village vibe. How to go there? Go to Rajbari bazaar from Dhaka-Kapasiya highway via Gazipur chowrasta. Then head towards Banglapara which is 1.5 KM south from there. You can find the resort right on the border of Kapasiya-Sripur.
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Chuti Resort

This is another well regarded resort in the Gazipur area offering a similar village flavored vibe with the modern facilities, in a much larger space though. The whole place is twice or thrice of the size of most of the other resorts. How to go there? The resort is located at Amtoli Bazar and once your in Gazipur you can go there by a rickshaw.
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Bhawalraj Shawshaneshwari

If you are into history and often look for some chilling feelings spiced up some bygone mysteries you might want to check this place out. This was the place where the Hindu royal families used to arrange the funereal. You would be able see an old temple here. How to go there? It is near the Palace and you can easily come here by a rickshaw from there.
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