Gaibandha Tourist Spots

Gaibandha is located in the northern regions of Bangladesh and is bordered by Kurigram and Rangpur to the north, Bogra to the south, Dinajpur and Rangpur again to the west and east by Jamalpur and Kurigram. One of the icons of the district is the mighty Brahmaputra River which is the eight largest rivers around Bangladesh. Gaibandha’s strength is its agricultural sector for which it has the latest and largest agricultural research center in Bangladesh. The research center is famous both nationally and globally as the architecture and architect were nominated for the Aga Khan Award of Architecture. Also famous for flora and fauna, Gaibandha is the image of green prosperity growing from and rooted in nature.

There are primarily two mediums for travel to the district, bus and train service. There are air route too but the airport is not located in the district rather it is in the Nilphamari District around 125 km from Gaibandha Town or 2 hours road journey. There are flights of Biman 493, Novoair 961 & 965 and US Bangla Airlines 151 & 153. They have regular flights from Dhaka to Nilphamari and the price varies from BDT 3000 to BDT 5000. For the bus services there are few options which have regular trips starting from 05.00 am till 11.00 pm. The fare ranges from BDT 250 to BDT 1200 depending on the A/c and Non A/c Services. The bus services are, SR Travels, Agomony Paribahan, Ahamed Paribahan, Shyamoli Paribahan, United Paribahan, Rajib Special, Hanif Enterprise and many more. There are also train routes to Gaibandha from Dhaka. There are two train services only. Lalmoni Express and Rangpur Express are the services which depart from Kamalapur Railway Station in Dhaka for Gaibandha. The fare ranges from BDT 80 to BDT 1000 where the time schedules are updated after intervals, so it would be wise to visit the railway station and get updates prior to the date and time of intended travel.

Gaibandha is famous for its desserts, most notable among them being the Roshmonjuri. It is a sweetmeat which is made with solid curd dipped in thick sugary milk mixture. It is very widely available in Gaibandha although it is the Gaibandha Mistanno Bhandar that has the original recipe.

Tourist spots of Gaibandha


Friendship Center

This is one of the most recognized architectural edifices in Bangladesh and the global arena. The structure is iconic for its design which is modern and recently built. The structure has won several international awards as well. The reason for the fame is it eco friendly design where there is only a natural ventilation system with no touch of artificiality. It is built partially under the soil where above the structure there is earthen grass garden. The architectural concepts were inspired by the ruins of Mahasthangarh. The structure is used for research and training purposes and so it has conference rooms, different official rooms and approximately 30 residential spaces. The entire building is 32,000 sq ft and it is equipped with the full range of modern facilities. How to go there? The location is 3 km from Gaibandha Town where the local transports are easily available to the Friendship Center.
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Balashi Ghat

Balashi Ghat is a river port that dates to back to before British Era. The port was once very busy and during the time of British, it was one of the busiest business hubs of the area. The port is stands near the Jamuna River which flows through the district. For the river and for the environment of the port, there are always visitors from around and round the globe. River, greenery and the horizon create a site unique scenic beauty. How to go there? Balashi Ghat is 10 km from Gaibandha Town and the local transports are easily available there. Since the location is famous, there is little hassle in reaching it.
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Gaibandha Town Park

It is an ordinary park for the most part but its uniqueness lies in its time of establishment. As Gaibandha was recognized as a district during the 1875, the developments of the town started during that time. And as part of the development, the park was build at 1924. The park is more than 90 years old now with years old trees and greenery where the pond is almost a century old. For the heritage and for respite from city life, the park is still attractive in its state. How to go there? The Park is in the middle of the town and local transports can easily take travelers to the park.
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Rangpur Sugar Mills

Gaibandha is very much adapted to cultivate sugarcane and the area is also highly famed for the quality of its sugarcane. The factory was established during the mid 1950s and the entire factory sprawls across 35 acres of land. One of the first privately owned factories of Bangladesh, the factory is famous for the heritage, the modern technologies and, of course, for the production facility of 1500 metric ton sugar production capacity each season. How to go there? Travelers have to take highway transports upto Gobindoganj Upazilla town and then take local transports to the factory site.
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Shibraam Ideal Government Primary School

The primary school is 100 years old which is equally famous. The administration and all other factors have always been remarkable in its place. It is a tourist site as it is the pride of Gaibandha Town for its administration and surely for the architecture. How to go there? The school is in Shundorganj Upazilla which is on the outskirts of Gaibandha Town. Travelers have to go to Shundorganj Upazilla first and then take local transports till the school.
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Old Masta Mosque

Masta Mosque had just one identity found from the administration that it was established at the time of the most famous Islam religion preacher Badshah Fakir. The establishment time has yet to ascertain whether it dates back to the Mughal times. How to go there? The mosque is in the Gobindaganj upazilla which has to be travelled to first from Gaibandha town and later local transport can be taken to the site.
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Bordhonkuthi was once a business and administrative building of Gaibandha in the time of 16th Century AD. King Rampal had his important units in this place where he constructed a temple for the people. Although today the vicinity is almost deserted, it was once a bustling center for business and commercial growth. How to go there? Travelers have to first take transport from Gaibandha Town to Gobindaganj and then the local transports are available to the location.
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