Feni Tourist Spots

According to the recent calculation conducted by Bangladesh Bank, Feni is the second wealthiest district of Bangladesh after Dhaka. Home to almost 1.5 million people Feni was a part of Noakhali District before till 1984 and was known before as Shamshernagar. Geographically Feni is neighbored with Comilla, Noakhali and Chittagong and shares national border with India. It is also a costal district of Bangladesh marking the beautiful bay sight of Bay of Bengal. The district is maternal home to the nation’s former Prime Minister, Begum Khaleda Zia.

Departing for Feni can be made by 2 ways, by bus and by train. Train services are mostly arriving passengers in Feni while the train is passing through Feni. The Chittagong train service is the only service available which starts from Kamalapur Rail station in Dhaka and the services are named by Mohanagar Provati, Mohanagr Godhuli, Turna Nishitha, Dhaka Mail and Karnafuli. The services are of both A/c and Non A/c and the prices vary from BDT 170 to BDT 550. There are currently two bus services available directly to Feni, Star Line and Ena Paribahan. There are also other services available but are mostly Chittagong bus services. The services from the Feni direct bus is of both A/c and Non A/c types and the prices vary from BDT 250 to BDT 400. Both Star Line and Ena Paribahan have their ticket counters spread all over Dhaka.

The average cost of the hotel is in between BDT 500 to BDT 2000.

There are no special foods in Feni.

Tourist spots of Feni


Chowdhury Bari Mosque

This is a three century year old mosque in Ramnagar Union of Dagonbhuiyan Upazilla and was built during the times of Mughal when Islam was spreading in this part of Bengal. The mosque is continuously renovated by the locals and is home to the current IPU Chairman Mr. Saber Hossain Chowdhury. How to go there? The location is 17 km off from Feni Town and is beside the Feni-Noakhali National Highway where the travelers are suggested to take the local bus first till the Ramnagar Bus stop and the travelers have to take local transports like rickshaw till the destination.
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Bijoy Singh Lake

The Lake is the remaining of the Sen dynasty built on 37.57 acres of space by then ruler Bijoy Sen. The reason behind the lake construction is yet to discover but the immense beauty that it covers surprises the visitors every time. How to go there? The location is on the side of Feni Town and the local transports like rickshaw and CNG are easy transports to go till the spot.
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Shonagazi Muhuri Irrigation Project

This irrigation project is basically a dam built on Feni River for the irrigation in all over Feni which was the second largest governmental project taken and completed in 1974 to 1985. It is a beautiful spot because of the surroundings and the environment around. How to go there? There are direct bus service till the spot and if anyone seeks to take personal transport, there are services available for that too. Local transports like CNGs are very much available till the spot from Feni Town.
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Bilonia Land Port

The land port is the link between Bangladesh and India and it is a tourist spot because of education and seeing the natural beauty around. Visitors can also see practice drills between Bangladesh and India border guards but the drill is only available in some days selected by them. How to go there? From Feni town there are CNG and bus services till Porshuram Union and then visitors have to take local services till Bilonia Land Port.
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Shilua Marble Stone

The location is famous is because of the stone that is still intact and in its place. The specialty of the stone is that, it date back from 2 BC and the language is of the Aryan Dynasty. It is estimated that people use to worship this marble resembling their some form of God. How to go there? The spot is in the Chagolnaiya Upazilla of Feni where the available transport from Feni Town is CNG and if anyone seeks to take personal transport, it is highly encouraged not to take the initiative in to planning.
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Rajajhir Lake

The Lake is in the middle of Feni Town and around which many important structures are constructed. The reason behind this lake was by the time Tripura King who builds as a gift to the Gods and people so that his Daughter gets her sight back. The total area of the lake is more than 10 acres and the age of the lake is almost 500 years. How to go there? As the area is in city, local transports are easily available to the spot.
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Narikel Bagan

This is a garden built by government to research and save the ecology of the general flora and fauna of Bangladesh. Narikel in English is coconut and bagan in English is garden. Therefore the place is also as coconut garden and it is just a name. How to go there? CNGs are ideal for going to the spot as there are no other mediums possible to take till the place.
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