Faridpur Tourist Spots

Located on the bank of the river Padma, the district of Faridpur is most famous for hosting the tomb of famous Bangladeshi poet Jasimuddin. The city itself is not very well-known as a tourist spot, yet a half-day visit on the way to Dhaka or on your journey towards the southern part of the country could be relaxing.

The best time to visit Faridpur is the winter season. In rainy seasons the district often met with heavy rain and occasional storm.

The route to Faridpur from Dhaka is via Aricha highway and you will have to cross a river by ferry, which by the way is the ultimate decider how your journey is going to turn out. The ferry itself takes only 40 min to reach the other side of the river, but actually getting on the ferry could be quite a hustle. Most of the time the lines of vehicles waiting for the ferries can be very long and it might take hours. Other than that the journey is likely to be pleasant as the roads and highways are well maintained and once you cross the river there won’t be any traffic jam. There are plenty of bus services from Dhaka to Faridpur. You can also use private vehicle. The buses usually start from Gabtoli bus terminal. Once in the city it is very easy to move around. The city is not chaotic and there is no traffic jam. The easiest and cheapest transport will be rickshaw or auto rickshaw.

Faridpur tourists face the same problem that almost every other small city in Bangladesh faces. As mentioned earlier the city is not a tourist zone so the number of hotels is limited. Compared to other part of the country the city is moderately dense in term of population. The most popular hotel in the town is Hotel Raffles Inn located near the old bus terminal. Some other decent hotels are JK International and Park Palace. There is a VIP rest house in the River Research Institute compound.

The city is very famous for Curd, locally known as Doi. The Bagats are the ones who actually make this amazing desert which has been very famous for centuries. There some decent restaurants and fast food shop in the city, expecting world class food or service would not be a wise idea.

Tourist spots of Faridpur


Famous Bengali Poet Jashimuddin Residence

The residence of famous poet Jashimuddin, also known as ‘Pollikobi’ is one of the prime attractions of Faridpur. How to go there? The place is just around couple of kilometers away from the bus stand and easily accessible by rickshaw or auto rickshaw. Entry fee: Only Tk 10/=
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Mathurapur Deul

From Modhukhali Bazar, around 1.5 Km north from Madhukhali-Rajbari road stands this 90 feet tall landmark with great historical significance and magnificent architectural beauty. The history behind this four hundred year old tower is not clear, though most of the locals believe it to be a temple. How to go there? In order to get there you need to get to Modhukhali Bazar first. You can take a bus from Faridpur to Modhukhali. After getting down at the bazaar a rickshaw can take you to the Deul.
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Pathrail Mosque

To get there first you need to go to Faridpur-Vanga highway from Faridpur. There from the Vanga Golchottor you need to go to Pulia Bazar by taking the Vanga-Mawa highway, which is around 8 Km east. From Pulia Bazar, the mosque is 4 Km away. Please be advised, the mosque is also referred as ‘Gayebi Mosque’ by the locals so don’t get confused.
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Sheikh Rasel Paura Shishu Park

Near the new bus stand, at Goyalchamot located this wonderful amusement park with more than 30 rides. This place could be a great place for the children and getting here is really easy as it is in the city and a rickshaw can take you there.
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River Research Institute

Not very exciting but it is an enjoyable and peaceful place for a pleasant afternoon stroll. This place is just a kilometer away from the new bus stand an easily accessible by rickshaw or auto rickshaw.
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Birshrestha Lance Nayek Munsi Abdur Rauf Memorial

One of the seven greatest soldiers in the history of Bangladesh lies here. This place is at the Salamotpur area in the Modhukhali Upozela. First it was the war hero’s residence which was turned into a memorial later.
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Rajendro College

This collage is one of the famous and prestigious education institutes. Poet Jashimuddin studied here and you can visit here by rickshaw from the poet’s residence.
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