Lalmai And Moinamati Hills And Shalban Vihara

There are mountain terrains in Comilla where the northern terrains are known as Moinamoti and the southern terrain as Lalamai. These two regions are best for hikes and seeing the yellow soil of Comilla. Shalban Vihara is a Buddhist temple build during the 8th century in the middle of Moinamati and Lalmai and was built by the times ruler King Buddadev. The site is ruined now but the amazing layers of soil and mosses kept the place still alive.

How to go there?
The spot is in the Moinamoti Area beside the Comilla Cantonment and as the area is beside highway, travelers are asked to take the highway local buses till Moinamati Area. The travelers would then have to take local transports like rickshaw and auto rickshaw till the areas.