Chuadanga Tourist Spots

Chuadnaga district is one of the more known districts in Bangladesh with strong political history. The city has been the home front for some of the strongest political movements throughout the history such as the Wahabi movement (1831), Faraizi Movement (1838-47), Sepai Rebellion (1857), Swadesi movement (1906) and many others. Aside from its political chronicles, Chuadanga was also one of the important theaters of war during the 1971 Liberation War, being the front for over 100 battles. Situated under Khulna administrative division it is bordered by Kushtia in the north east, Meherpur in the northwest, Jhenaidah on the south and south-east, and on the southwest by the Nadia district of West Bengal. It was originally under West Bengal but was ceded to Pakistan during the 1947 partition.


Due to being an important commercial spot for the fisheries industry, there are quite a good number of hotels in Chuadanga. Some are listed below for reference.


Chuadanga has one of the strongest transport network systems in Bangladesh, resulting in the fast and smooth travel. Located 198 km from Dhaka, it’s connected to the rest of the country via 3 highways and railway. Even a few years back water transportations were also in use until declining siltation in river beds of the Matha Bhanga River. Most transport operators provide A/C, non A/C and deluxe coach services to Chuadanga at various times. Bus fare usually ranges from Bdt. 250 to Bdt. 500 depending on the company chosen for travel. Train service is not very regular and the fare ranges from Bdt. 200 to Bdt. 500 depending on the class of the coach. The city doesn’t have any traffic jam and rickshaw, auto rickshaws and CNGs are highly available it is no hustle to move around the city.


Chuyadanga lacks any particular signature dish worth trying. Though you could find some decent restaurants and their cost is very reasonable.

Travel Destinations
Chuadanga has been a religious point of interest for multiple religions during different points of history. Due to being a cultural boiling point, there are lots of interesting places to visit in Chuadanga. Some of the interesting destinations are discussed below.

Tourist spots of Chuadanga


Mukti Joddha Gono Kobor

This is one of the more somber locations to visit in Chuadanga. During the 1971 Independence war, a lot of innocent civilians and freedom fighters were massacred in this area. All these people were buried in this mass grave. People come to pay their respects to the freedom fighters here. How to go there? Located in Jibon Nagar, one has to first travel to Jibon Nagar by bus. The mass grave is located 9 km outside of the town and can be easily reached via rickshaw or CNG.
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P.T.I (Primary Training Institute)

This location is a favorite picnic spot among locals. The natural beauty of this location ranks as one of the best in Bangladesh. Located in Alamdanga, this location is easy to travel to. How to go there? First one has to travel by bus to Jehala union of Alamdanga by bus. From there the distance to P.T.I is 5 km, easily traversable by rickshaw or CNG.
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Carew And Company Bangladesh Limited

Earning the distinction of being the only alcohol manufacturer in Bangladesh, this company was established during the British reign. Exporting to multiple countries, its factory has been long held as a tourist spot. The architecture has remained more or less unchanged in the last 80 years How to go there? Being located in the Sadar region, one can easily avail a bus or a rickshaw to visit the factory.
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Kashipur Zamindar Bari

Vacation resort to celebrated Bangla literary figure Sharat Chandra Chatterjee, this zamindar resident is one of the few existing architecture of its kind left in a preserved condition. The architecture still is a site to behold. How to go there? There is no direct route to this location. One has to first take a bus to Santoshpur. From Santoshpur bus stand one has to take rickshaw van to the zamindar bari which is 7km from the bus stand.
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Three Domed Chuadanga Boro Masjid

Located in Chuadanga Sadar this mosque is one of a kind. Unlike the usual Mughal architecture style of 4 or 6 domes, this mosque has the middle-eastern style of 3 domes. Surrounded by lush greenery, this place has a magical quality to it. How to go there? Since this location is in the main sadar, local transportation such as rickshaw and CNG can be availed to visit.
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Shrine Of Khaza Mailik-Ul-Gaus

Considered a local religious figure of importance, the shrine or mazar of Khaza Malik-ul-Gaus is situated just a bit outside. Located a bit outside the sadar, this place is always packed with local devotees. Unlike other shrines maligned with superstition and bad practices, this is one of the undefiled shrines in Bangladesh. How to go there? Since this location is in the main sadar, local transportation such as rickshaw and CNG can be availed to visit.
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Karpasdanga And Gholdari Neelkuthi

The prime reason the British were particularly oppressive in the Bengal region during their rule was ‘Neel(Indigo)’ cultivation. Karpasdanga and Gholbari Neelkuthi are two of the administrative locations of indigo cultivation during that period. Surrounded by extraordinary natural beauty and an intricately designed architecture, this location is a must visit for tourist and travelers. How to go there? Located about 10 km outside Chadanga Sadar, this location is not hard to reach. Local vans and rickshaws can be hired to visit this place.
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