Chittagong Tourist Spots

The port city of Chittagong is the second largest city of Bangladesh located on the bank of Karnafuli River, the river that made its way to the mighty Bay of Bengal. This is a little bit less chaotic, less messy and less expensive city than Dhaka and it has its own energy running through its narrow streets.

Chittagong gets hot and humid in the summer, and there are frequent rainfalls and occasional heavy storms; being close to the Bay of Bengal, those occasions come too often. So making plans for a summer trip in Chittagong might not be a very good idea. The city, like the country, gets colder during late October to Late February. The average temperature in the winter season is around 20/22 Degree Celsius.


The best area to stay in the city would be the Khulshi or DSE area. Transportation is easily accessible and also it would be easier to travel around the city. You can find a decent place to stay for $25-$30 (you can bargain) and there also a lot of high end places available anytime in the year. If you come here in the offseason from March to September, your bargaining power would be quite higher.


Chittagong, or any other city in Bangladesh for that matter, doesn’t share Dhaka’s excruciating traffic calamity; that is something exclusive for the inhabitants of Dhaka only. And that’s why traveling around the city is far easier and pleasant. For short distances use rickshaws. They are cheap and very enjoyable, for traveling far you can use CNGs.


Chittagong’s Mezabani Beef is a legendary dish. The word Mezban means host. Chittagong people are very famous for their charity and in various occasions, they arrange grand feasts where foods are prepared in bulk. If you can, have a taste of their Beef of Mutton. Beware It is going to be very spicy and hot, so trade carefully. Food is cheap here; keep $8-$10 per day for food (if you are not having anything ‘too’ fancy).

Tourist spots of Chittagong


Patenga Beach

This is a beautiful sandy beach where you can see the point where Karnaphuli River meets the Bay of Bengal. It is around 18 Km away from Khulshi. For a round trip a CNGs might cost $8-$10. Get to the Naval Academy Road; that will give you a nicer view.
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Foy’s Lake

The name came from a talented British Engineer named Mr. Foy. This is the biggest manmade lake in the country with a nice and enjoyable environment. By the lake you are going to find a great amusement park for a little picnic or strolling around in the fresh air. And also there is a Zoo by the park. From Khulshi the lake only a little bit more than 2 Km away, and you can easily reach there by rickshaw.
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Chittagong Commonwealth War Cemetery

This 8 acre of cemetery land is maintained by the Commonwealth War Grave Commission. Here rest the deceased men from both Allied and Axis forces who was killed in action in the Burmese front. The total number of burial is 700. From Khulshi this is only 2.6 KM away via O.R Nizam Road. Opening hours are from 8 AM to 12 PM and 2 PM to 5PM, every day.
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Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Khan (R) Dargah

Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Khan (R) was a well known Wali who lived in the 18th century. His Dargah Sharif is considered one of the greatest attractions in the Chittagong city located near the Laldighi. Laldighi is just 3 KM away from the Second World War cemetery. If you take a rickshaw from there it will take you right in the Dargha. The family that lives in the Mazar compound claims themselves as decedents of Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Khan (R).
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Zia Memorial Museum

This museum contains the micro phone and the transmitter of the declaration of independence of Bangladesh. This museum is located at SS Khaled road, which is little more than a 3 KM away from Khulshi. You can take rickshaw or CNG to directly reach there. Foreigners needs to pay an entrance fee of 100 taka and the opening hours are: Sat-Wed: 10.30AM - 4.30 PM and 3.30 PM to 7.30pm on Fridays.
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