Chapai Nawabganj Tourist Spots

Mainly famous all throughout Bangladesh due to its superb mango production, Chapai Nawabganj is also a traditionally favored tourist spot among Bangladeshi’s. Situated in the north-western part of Bangladesh, Chapai Nawabganj is surrounded geographically by West Bengals Murshidabad and Malda districts on the north and southern sides. On the eastern side it is surrounded by Rajshahi and Nagaon and on the western side by Padma and Malda district of West Bengal again. Historically this district was the preferred vacation spots for most of Bengals nawabs for a long period of time. This is the root of its original name Nawabganj. During the beginning of the British rule many people from Calcutta in West Bengal settled in the Chapai village of the district. Later on the two names merged into Chapai Nawabganj.

At present the only way to travel form Dhaka to Chapai Nawabganj is by road. The distance between Dhaka and Chapai Nawabganj is 314 km. One can avail both bus and train to reach Chapai Nawabganj. Most of the major bus service transport operators like Hanif Enterprise, Modern Enterprise, National Travels and AK Enterprise provide both AC and non-AC coaches to Chapai Nawabganj. Non-AC tickets are a standard BDt 500 from all operators, with the prices of the AC coaches vary. One has to get to Gabtoli bus terminal as that is the only location where bus for Chapi Nawabganj departs. Chapai Nawabhanj also has superb railway connection, making it feasible to travel their by train in short period of time. The train journey has to be broken into two parts. One has to travel by train to Rajshahi first and from there one can avail a local train to Chapai Nawabganj. The railway service in Chapai Nawabganj is vastly interconnected with the different districts of Bangladesh.

Accommodation & Food
People from various districts come to Chapai Nawabganj for business and leisure purposes. As a result there are a few hotels. Some of them are mentioned below for reference. Chapai Nawabganj is famous all over Bangladesh due to its agricultural production of sweet mangoes. Other than mangoes Chapai Nawabganj don’t have any mentionable local delicacies compared to other districts.

Travel Destinations
As mentioned above, Chapai Nawabganj has a plethora of interesting historical and beautiful places to visit. Some of the must-see tourist spots and locations are briefly discussed below with instructions on how to reach those places.

Tourist spots of Chapai Nawabganj


Dhuni Chawk Mosque

Dhunichawk Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Chapai Nawabganj. It is located in the Shibganj upazilla of Chapai Nawabganj. The mosque is so old that the different archeological teams that come here for study have failed to determine the age of the inscriptions on the walls of the mosque. In recent years this 6 domed Mughal style mosque has been renovated by the government. How to go there? One has to travel to Shibganj upazilla first by bus or CNG. The distance of this Upazilla from Chapai town is about 10 KM. There is no direct way to travel there; one has to take a local villager as guide for this reason.
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Darash Bari Madrasa

Possibly being the oldest Madrasa in Bangladesh the Darash Bari Madrasa is located in Ghoshpur upazilla of Chapai Nawabganj. It is situated south of Kotowali Darwaza, a local village. It was established by Alauddin Husain Shah in 1504 AD. It consists of a large complex including the Darashbari Mosque, a courtyard and a pond. The mosque and the madrassa are decorated with terracotta and braid moldings. The mosque and the madrasa are separated by two water tanks. How to go there? The Darashbari Madrasa is situated in Kotwali Darza of the Ghoshpur upazilla in Chapai Nawabganj. One has to avail the services of a bus or CNG to reach Ghoshpur Upazilla first. From there a rickshaw can be hired to visit the location.
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Dasbari Mosque

Dasbari mosque is the replica constructed in Bangladesh of its original Indian counterpart. Currently abandoned, archeologists have found evidence that this mosque was built during the time of Sultan Shamsuddin Yousuf. The naming origins of the mosque have been lost from local culture and tradition. The mosque has been built in such a special way that even in the raging summer heat the interior of the mosque remains very cool. Built with terracotta bricks for the heat insulation, it is near to a water body called 60 Bigha. How to go there? The mosque is located near Ompur which is in Ghoshpur Upazilla. To visit the location one has to avail the services of a local bus or CNG to reach there. One has to take a guide from Ompur village to visit the location.
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Shah Neamat Ullah (Ra)’S Mazar

This mazar is built in honor of Shah Neamat Ullah (Ra) who is one of the most famous local historical figures. This great preacher came to preach Islam in Chapai Nawabganj from Delhi during the rule of Sultan Shah Suja. He later made his home in Shibganj and stayed there till his death. Hundreds of religious devotees come to visit this place every year. How to go there? The mazar is located in Takhana of Shibganj upazilla though the preacher died in Firozpur and was buried there. One has to travel by bus or hire a local CNG to visit the location.
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Memorial Of Birsrestha Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir

This memorial was built after the Liberation War of 1971 in order to honor one of the greatest heroes of the war. Bir Srestha Mohiuddin Jahangir was born in Rahimganj of Babuganjk upazilla of Chapai Nawabganj. He is famous for holding off Pakistani forces of superior numbers until the freedom fighters back up arrived to occupy Chapai Nawabganj. How to go there? The memorial is located in his final resting place in Choto Sona mosque of Mehedipur. The distance is 35 km from Chapai town. One has to travel by Mehedipur by bus and then avail a rickshaw to visit the location.
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