Bogra Tourist Spots

Also known as the gateway to North Bengal, Bogra is a suburban industrial city filled with beautiful places and historically important locations. It was also the capital of the ancient kingdom of Pundrabardhana. Hence it is also one of the most significant archeological locations in the country. The city owes the its appeal to initiatives of the then governor Nasiruddin Bughra Khan. Being at a central point between Rangpur and Rajshahi divisions it is bound by Ranpur to the North and South and Rajshahi by the East and West. This city played significant roles in different phases of Bengal’s transition in the annals of history. Being an industrial city it is also one of the most modern cities in the region.

Like Rajshahi, Bogra is also very strong in communications. Besides the multiple road routes running through it there is also a small airport in the city. The railroad connection is also very strong, making all three transportation mediums highly efficient. Different transport operators of small and large scale provide bus services in regular manner. Average bus fare ranges from Bdt 270 to Bdt 550 depending on the tour operator chosen by the passengers. Average train fare ranges from Bdt 220 to Bdt 450. The airport is a small airport mainly facilitating small private jets and small sized airline planes. Tickets are available on a weekly basis ranging between Bdt 400 to Bdt 500 depending on the airlines chosen for the purpose of travel. Bogra is the general resting point for highway buses and trucks. As a result during day time it is very busy and there are long traffic jams that cause fluctuations in travel time.

Accommodation and Food
Being an industrial city there are very good hotels and rest houses available as accommodation options in Bogra Traditionally Bogra has been very famous both locally and internationally for its curds and sweets. Besides these two, there are also many delicious regional specialties in form of ‘bhorta’ or vegetable mash. Addition of spices set the flavor of the bhortas apart from most other regions in Bangladesh. Some of the hotels are mentioned below for reference.

Travel Destinations
One the biggest tourist attractions of Bogra is Mahasthangar. Other than this major archeological location, Bogra also has many unique and beautiful places for tourist and visitors. Some of the most remarkable places in Bogra are mentioned below:

Tourist spots of Bogra


Adamdighi And Baba Adam’s Shrine

Adam Dighi and Baba Adam’s shrine is one of the oldest and most famous religious locations in Bogra. Baba Adam was a pious preacher and saint who lived in Bogra in the 16th Century. After his death the estuary near where he was buried was named Adamdighi and a shrine was established in his honor over here. The overall scenic beauty of the location is very breathtaking. Throngs of local visitors visit the shrine everyday out of religious devotion. How to go there? It takes about an hour to reach this location from Bogra town. One has to first travel by bus or CNG form Bogra City to Adamdighi Union. From there one can easily avail a rickshaw to visit the shrine.
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Mahasthangar is the chief tourist attraction of Bogra . The history of Bogra dates to 4 B.C, prior to even the death of Jesus Christ. This used to be the capital to the kingdom Pundrabardhana. This kingdom is so ancient that it is even referred in both the Ramayan and Mahabharata religious scriptures of the Hindu religion. Different rulers and kingdoms have occupied this city during different periods of history. Other than the Punda lineage, it was also ruled by the Guptas, the Senasand the Palas royal families. It was only after the Mughal rule started in India that the medieval structure of Mahsthangar were changed to resemble the current geographical structure, Due to so many historical occupations Mahasthangar has an amazing array of art and architecture of different eras preserved in a single city. How to go there? Mahasthangar is on the outskirts of Bogra town. Located 15 km away from the town one can easily travel to the location by hiring a CNG or rickshaw. It takes about 20-30 minutes to reach the location from Bogra town.
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Deota Khankah Mazar

Deota Khankah mazar or shrine is also another beautiful location to visit in Bogra. It is the shrine of a popular local religious figure Ahmed Shafi Deota. A lot of Hindus in the region were converted to Islam during the late 17th century when he was an active teacher and preacher. Like any other shrine in Bangladesh this shrine is also visited mostly by local people. The people offer different ‘sadka’s or sacrifices to the shrine in hopes of remedy for their physical ailments and relief from their grievances. How to go there? Deota Khanka’s mazar is located at Deota village of Nandigram upazilla of Bogra. It is almost 40 km away from Bogra town and takes about 1.5 hours time to travel to. One has to first travel by bus to Nandigram upazilla from Bogra. After reaching there one can avail a rickshaw to visit the location.
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Jogir Bhavan Temple

The Jogir Bhavan temple is one of the most important Hindu religion spots in Bogra. This temples origin dates back to the 17th Century. This temple once used to host the biggest celebrations for different Hindu festivals in the whole region. It was established in honor of yogi Norsi Bhagat, a renowned Bengali practitioner of yoga during his lifetime. The temple has beautiful decorations and murals that have been well preserved thanks to the effort of the government’s Archeological department. How to go there? This temple is located near the Paikaror Union of Bogra. One cannot directly travel there. First a bus journey has to be made to Dargahat Bazar. From there a rickshaw can be availed to reach the location.
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