Bhola Tourist Spots

Bhola is a coastal city of Bangladesh and posses all the attributes of being the largest island mass of the country. The city often makes its way to the news headlines for very frequent natural disasters. Geographically it is bound by both rivers and landmass. Patuakhali is to the western border of Bhola; Barisal and Lakshmipur are to the north. On the eastern and southern sides, Bhola is bordered by the Bay of Bengal to the south and Meghna River at the east. Bhola is also one of the biggest deposits of natural gas resource in Bangladesh.

Being located and surrounded by water both land and water travel is possible while traveling to Bhola. Most bus services offer transportation to Bhola from Dhaka, start from Gabtoli Bus Terminal. SA PAribahan, SR Paribahan, Shohag, Hanif, Ena etc all provide transportation service to Bhola on a regular basis. Ticket fare fluctuates between 700 BDT to 1000 BDT. If you decide to travel by launch, the journey would be longer but you might find it more enjoyable. You can catch the afternoon launch starting from Sadarghat Launch Terminal at 5 pm. The launch should reach Bhola the next morning.

Food, Transportation & Accommodation
The buffalo curd of Bhola is something that makes the whole country proud. This desert item is highly acclaimed throughout the country and often people visit the city just to have a taste of it.
Transportation in Bhola is just like the other cities. Depending on the distance and speed the travelers use rickshaw, auto rickshaw or tempo.

Travel Destination
Being nicknamed the ‘Queen Island of Bangladesh’ Bhola has many beautiful sites to enjoy. The city bordered by the sea, as mentioned before, the provides some magnificent views. Some of the best tourist locations and natural beauty spots of Bhola are mentioned below.

Tourist spots of Bhola



Monpura Island is the biggest tourist attraction of Bhola. It is a river island on the southern part of the city. This luscious sprawl of greenery is accompanied by the crooning of a variety of birds making it feel like paradise. Local legends say that when Portuguese pirates first came to Bangladesh they often used to take shelter in this island after their raids. How to go there? Travelling to Monpura is quite easy. In fact one can easily travel there by launch or steamer from Sadarghat launch terminal. By launch, it is a 16-hour trip. One can also hire a boat from Bhola to reach this location.
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Char Kukri Mukri

Char Kukri Mukri is another renowned tourist island in Bhola. Locally it has been nicknamed ‘Dip Konna’ (Daughter of the Sea). The char itself is surrounded by a mangrove forest and the view towards the sea is just splendid. There is also a variety of wildlife in the char. Geologists think that Char Kukri Mukri emerged around 300-400 years back. How to go there? To reach this island one has to first travel towards the island by road by hiring a CNG or tempo. After reaching the boat landing a boat has to be hired to reach the island. It is a 30-minute ride.
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Bir Shrestha Mostofa Kamal Museum

The Bir Shrestho Mostofa Kamal memorial was built by the government to honor one of the most heroic soldiers of the 1971 Liberation War. This museum houses some of the relics of the war as well as some of the personal possessions of Bir Mostofa Kamal himself. How to go there? The museum is located in Bhola town itself, so reaching this location is nothing complicated. One can hire a rickshaw or CNG from Bhola Sadar to visit this location.
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Dhalai Char

Another island worth mention of Bhola is Dhalai Char. Bordered by the Meghna River, this island is very beautiful. However recent natural disasters have submerged a part of the island. This island is more popular among the local fishermen as fishing spots. At sunrise and sunset, numerous small fishing boats can be observed from the island. The island has a small population of people. How to go there? To reach this location one has to first travel to Kossopia upazilla from Bhola town by bus. After reaching Kossapia one has to hire a boat to visit this Island.
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Monpura Fisheries Limited

This is one of the biggest commercial fishing initiatives in Bangladesh. Spread over a wide water body this project is the biggest commercial brand in the fishing industry in Bhola. One can visit the location by making the prior contract with the management. Also, freshly cooked fish can be enjoyed at the spot at a cheap price. How to go there? To reach this location one has to first travel from Bhola town to Monpura by boat or trawler. From there one can reach the location by hiring a rickshaw or CNG.
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Monpura Landing Station

This landing station is located at Monpura in Bhola. One can enjoy the beautiful sunset view from here. How to go there? Monpura Landing Station is located in Monpura island. To travel to this location the same methods are to be followed as mentioned above.
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