Barisal Tourist Spots

Known as the ‘Venice of the East’ Barisal is one of the most historically and culturally enriched districts in Bangladesh. Currently, it has one of the biggest river ports of the country and it also is a highly industrialized area and has a very small airport. Established in 1876, the Barisal city is comprised of 30 wards and 50 mahallas. Barisal is neighbored by Madaripur, Shariatpur, Chandpur and Lakshmipur districts on the north, Patuakhali, Barguna and Jhalokati districts on the south, Bhola and Lakshmipur districts on the east, Jhalokati, Pirojpur and Gopalganj districts on the west. The famous rivers of Barisal are the Kirtankhola, Arial Kha, Kalijira and many more.

Barisal travelers enjoy a smooth communication and transportation network. As the city is a port city with the hosting of the largest river ports, it holds the communication notability in roads and water ways. The roads are interlinked with highways from all parts of the country. The distance between Dhaka and Barisal is 242 km by road. By road most transport operators provide A/C, non A/C and deluxe coach services to Barisal. Bus fare from Dhaka to Barisal ranges from BDT 430 to BDT 1200 depending on the coach choice. Launch services are from the Sadarghat Launch Terminal in Dhaka. Launch fare ranges from BDT 850 to BDT 1600 depending on single or double cabin. Since it has an international airport air travel is possible from Dhaka to Barisal and the short flight takes even less than an hour. Air ticket fares range from BDT 3500 to BDT 4000 with Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Novo Air and US-Bangla Airlines providing regular flights to Barisal.

Travel Destinations
Though Barisal is one of the more commercially focuses areas of Bangladesh, it still has a lot of beautiful places to visit. Some of the most prominent tourist sites are mentioned below with directions as to how to reach them.

Food, Transportation & Accommodation
The city resides among rivers hence you can enjoy a great number of fresh fish based cuisines. There are a few quality restaurants in the city providing pretty good fast food items. Transportation within the city is just like any other place of the country. One might find the rickshaw fares a bit higher than other districts yet they are the primary method of transportation. There is also auto rickshaw and of course bus service for traveling far.
Unlike most of the cities in Bangladesh Barishal provides the travelers with a decent number of a quality hotels cost starting from 400 per night. Few of them are as below.

Tourist spots of Barisal


Kuakata Beach

The second largest sea beach in Bangladesh, Kuakata beach is located in Patuakhali zilla of Barisal. The name Kuakata was given after expelled Rakhine settlers started living here and started digging wells to get fresh water. ‘Kua’ means well and ‘kata’ means to dig. It is often noted for its immense beauty during sunrise and sunset. How to go there? One can reach kuakata through waterway and bus. There are direct buses from Barisal city to Patuakhali. Once reaching Patuakhali, local transportation may be used for reaching Kuakata beach. One can catch a launch from Sadarghat to Patuakhali and from there avail local transport to reach there.
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Lebur Chor

Lebur Chor, otherwise locally known as Nembur (Lemon) Char is one of the most beautiful natural wildlife habitats of Bangladesh. A variety of trees grow in Lebur Char such as Keora, Geowa, Goran, Koroi, Golpata etc. Crabs are very prominent in Lebur Char and can be seen on the banks at all times of the day. A bike ride is highly recommended if possible. How to go there? Like Kuakata beach, Lebur char is also located in Kuakata in Patuakhali. One can travel by bus to Kuakata and from their avail local transport to reach Lebur Char. Road transportation is the only medium.
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Guthia Mosque

Probably being the largest mosque in the southern parts of Bangladesh, Guthia mosque is also example of fine modern architecture. It is also known as Baitul Aman mosque. It has 20 domes and is surrounded by three lakes providing the mosque to be viewed at different angles. How to go there? Guthia mosque is located in Wazirpur of Barisal and is located near Barisal city. One can easily travel by bus to Wazirpur from Barisal city and from there use local transport to reach Guthia mosque.
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Kuakata Buddhist Temple

Almost 300 years old, the Kuakata Buddhist temple is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in the country. The statue of Gautam Buddha in the temple is the largest in South Asia. The wells dug around the temple are about 200 years old dug by Rakhine families when they were exiled here. Visitors can also buy different local items from the local Rakhines. How to go there? The temple is located just 4 kilometers from Kuakat beach. One can simply take a rickshaw from Kuakata beach to the location.
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Gangamati Reserve

The Gangamati Reserve is a forest in Kuakata that surrounds the Sunderbans. One can see various exotic birds and animals such as wild boars and Heron. Dueto it’s distinct shadowing at evening, it’s also a favorite haunt for photographers. How to go there? Located in Patuakhali, road transport is the only way to reach his place. One can directly got from Dhaka to Patuakhali by bus, or can take bus from Barisal to Patuakhali.
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