Barguna Tourist Spots

Barguna is one of those locations in Bangladesh that entertains the travelers with its soothing beauty and also a place with great historical appeal. In the north it’s bordered by Jaholkathi, Barisal, Potuakhali and Pirojpur; in the south, it’s bordered by Patuakhali and the Bay of Bengal; Patuakhali again in the eastern side and Bagherhat and Pirojpur to the western side. During the 1971 liberation war, Barguna was considered one of the most important strategic locations.

Barguna has developed road and waterway transportation. Barguna is fairly distant from the capital city of Dhaka with a distance of 327.2 km and takes around 9-12 hours to reach there. There are multiple transport operators who provide transportation at reasonable rates. Some of the most popular bus services from Dhaka to Barguna are Patuakhali express, Sugandha Paribahan, Meghna Paribahan, Abdullah Paribahan and Saudia Paribahan. These transport operators have multiple coaches for the destination throughout the day, charging between BDT 220 to BDT 800 for A/C and non A/C coaches. To reach Barguna by water transport is a bit less laborious with launches being available from Sadarghat of Dhaka. Ticket fare for launches starts from BDT 650 to BDT 1200 depending on the cabin accommodation. Communication and transportation might be quite unpleasant during monsoon, so any trip plans to Barguna at that time of the year is not recommended.

Food, Transportation & Accommodation
The district doesn’t have any signature dish which sets the place apart from the others. Like every other town and city in the country rickshaw remains the primary method for transportation in smaller distances. There are also auto rickshaws and bus services available while traveling far.
There are quite a few hotels in Barguna. Service won’t be world class and if you spend 500 BDT per night you can easily get some decent places to stay. Some of them are mentioned below for reference.

There are quite a few hotels in Barguna. Service won’t be world class and if you spend 500 BDT per night you can easily get some decent places to stay. Some of them are mentioned below for reference.

Tourist spots of Barguna


Taltali Para Zeyarama Thirimingala Buddhist Temple

This is one of the oldest Rakhain temples in Bangladesh. Located next to Chaatanpara, this temple dates back to 150-200 years back. The location is quite serene and beautiful. How to go there? The only way to get to Taltali Para Zeyarama Thiringamal Buddhist Temple is by bus and rickshaw. One has to take a bus from Barisal city to Chaatnapar which is about an hour’s ride. From there you can hire a rickshaw to reach the location.
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Bibichini Shahi Mosque

One of the oldest mosques in the region, Bibichini Shahi mosque was established around 1659 A.D. As the name implies, this mosque is located in the Bibichini union of Barguna. It contains the graves of Hazrat Ullah Shah and his daughters Cinibibi and Isabibi. The mosque has all the characteristics of Mughal architecture of that period. How to go there? Roadway transportation is the only means of reaching Bibichini Shahi Mosque. One has to go by bus from Barguna city to Bibicini Union and from there on visitors can avail rickshaws to travel to the mosque site.
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Taltoli Rakhain District

altoli Rakhain district is the major population hub of the Rakhain people in Barguna. The Rakhain are an indigenous people who have lived in Bangladesh for decades due to being exiled. They mainly started living in Barisal and at this point have become a part of our countries population and culture. The natural scenery here is mind-blowing and the people are cordial and nice. Visitors can buy Rakhain handicrafts and trinkets here. How to go there? Taltoli Rakhain district is in close proximity to Barguna town. One can easily get there by hiring a rickshaw from town. The fare is cheap.
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Sonakata, otherwise known as Sonar Char is one of the most beautiful locations in Bangladesh. The location is not very large but is very pretty. It’s located only 32 km away from the Bay of Bengal. Nisanbariya and Sakhina are two small remote forests near the location. How to go there? Located in Bhola, Sonakata can be quite easily reached from Barguna. One can avail a local bus form Barguna to Sonakata directly.
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Khoyra Mosque

Khoyra mosque is one of the oldest mosques in the region. Its origins are shrouded in ignorance and there are many stories claiming how it was established. The location is on the outskirts of Barguna city. Though it’s not a renowned place it’s still a favorite tourist spot thanks to its architectural beauty. How to go there? The mosque is located on the western outskirts of Barguna city, which means it is an easy place to reach. One can easily avail a rickshaw or CNG to visit the mosque.
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Haringhata Forest

Another amazingly beautiful yet small forest is the Haringhata forest. This forest is located near the Barguna Patharghata Estuaries. It’s a very calm and beautiful place to visit and deer’s can be spotted along the banks and estuaries. There are also a few old wooden Buddhist temples in the area. How to go there? Haringhata forest is surprisingly close to Barguna town. One can easily avail a CNG or auto-rickshaw to visit the reserve.
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